Terms of delivery and payment

All prices (gross) are final prices including the applicable value added tax, plus shipping and packaging costs. For first orders, delivery will be made after payment.

Delivery will be processed immediately after receipt of the invoice amount, unless otherwise stated in the item description. Delivery will be made at the latest on the following working day after receipt of payment. If delivery does not take place within the specified period, please notify us. The progress of the delivery can then be tracked via the online shipment tracking of our logistics partners. If the shipment cannot be delivered for reasons for which the purchaser is responsible, the purchaser shall be in default of acceptance. The warranty shall be provided in accordance with the statutory provisions. If the consignment or goods are damaged, this must be reported within 7 days. In the case of justified complaints, you will receive an appropriate replacement immediately against return of the damaged goods. For deliveries abroad, the recipient is responsible for any necessary customs formalities. If customs duties or taxes are levied, these shall be borne by the recipient.